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Tinubu signed a prenuptial agreement with his Bu

Before Bobo Chicago Bola Tinubu agreed to hand over the APC presidential ticket to Buhahari, the Lagos mobster got Buhahari to sign an agreement that nine ministries in a Buhahari cabinet would be headed by Tinubu’s nominees.

The ministries include petroleum (which our source claimed that Tinubu wants for himself), finance, works, aviation, etc.

Tinubu has targeted those positions because of the billions that can be made from them. He was not amused when former president Olusegun Obasanjo suggested that Charles Soludo, the former Central Bank governor should be finance minister in the incoming Buhahari adminstration. Tinubu was like: “Soludo, from APGA? Obasanjo can’t be serious”.

This makes a mockery of the “anti corruftion” poses Buhahahahari had been striking since his first coming in the 1980s. It is why we at Naijiant never took Buhahari any seriously and always knew he was a joker and confidence trickster, playing a sick joke on the hopes of millions of Nigerians.

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