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Bobo Chicago's Bourdillon Road home: How many cars are inside?

Thirty cars Tinubu

A source in Bobo Chicago Bola Tinubu’s house in Bourdillon Road, Ikoyi, Lagos revealed that when Muhammadu Buhari came calling during the presidential campaign, he was visibly shocked to see 30 cars parked in the property.

Buhahari, wondering what all those cars were doing there, asked Tinubu whether he was a luxury car dealer. Tinubu responded that the cars were given to him by well-wishers.

Buhahari then asked why people gave Tinubu cars and what they expected in return. Our source was not quite sure how Tinubu responded.

This may be a bit hypocritical considering that when Buhahari’s SUV was damaged in a bomb attack in Kaduna in July last year, Rotimi Amaechi, the governor of Rivers State, gave him a brand new fleet of SUVs. He never, to our knowledge, questioned where the money came from.

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