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What vision, what next level, for the people or for their pockets?

“Support Groups” – the route to democrazy dividends

Most ordinary Nigerians are marginalised and see little of the benefits of the alleged economic growth of the past few years.  Those in power and in the corridors of power have cornered the spoils of office for themselves, their cronies and families.

As ordinary Nigerians are on the outside looking in, some continue to scheme how to get their hands on “democrazy dividends”.  One such route is through “support groups” for candidates in (s)elections.

Here’s the drill.  If you are part of a “support group” that campaigns for so and so, he would remember you when he wins.  This could mean government contracts, appointments, or even oil blocks at national level.

So we have literally thousands of these groups touting for their candidates.  The biggest is probably Goodluck Jonathan’s “Tranformation Ambassadors of Nigeria” (TAN).  They buy ads on network television, rent crowds for rallies, etc.  They are possibly funded by someone close to the president or his campaign organisation.  But there is a modicum of pretense that they are just ordinary citizens, who have chosen to support the president because he has been so good for the country.

In Enugu State there are over 1,000 “support groups” backing Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, the PDP candidate governor.  One of the groups charges 100,000 Naira for membership.  All these members are expecting to reap their democrazy dividends when as expected Ugwuanyi becomes governor.  One such group even held a Christmas party in London last December.

Many are going to be disappointed because there is no way he can pay back all these people even if he wanted to.

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