Thursday , 9 April 2020
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Okorocha: The police are now his brother's keeper

Rochas Okorocha’s brother arrested!

Okechukwu Okorocha, the younger brother of Imo State governor Rochas Okorocha, was paraded on NTA News after being arrested by security officials for stockpiling weapons.

Security operatives raided his home in Owerri following a tip off and found arms and ammunition.

Our source in Owerri claims that Okorocha’s camp have been planning to disrupt the (s)elections with violence.  The governor was said to be training thugs in combat at the old Imo State Newspapers premises.

This new development follows President Goodluck Jonathan’s visit to Owerri last week.  He held a closed door meeting with “stakeholders” in which he was informed about the Okorocha plans for violence.  Goodluck remarked that Okorocha was “biting the hand that fed him” and informed those present that he would deal swiftly with the issue.

In preparation for neutralising the plans of Okorocha and co, the Inspector-General of Police had removed all state Commissioners of Police, for the possible reason that they had been compromised by being too close to the governors.


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