Thursday , 4 June 2020
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Imo State governor Rochas Okorocha

Result before (s)election

Our man in Owerri has revealed that governor Rochas Okorocha offered the state’s Resident Electoral Commissioner (REC) 2bn Naira (roughly $1m) to “write” the result of the vote for the governor.  Okorocha was also open to “top up” the amount if the RECe felt it wasn’t enough.

The REC was asked to write whatever result Okorocha wanted and that the governor was prepared for subsequent challenges in court over the declared result.

He is said to have put aside 5bn Naira to ensure he “wins” re-election.  This budget includes the cost of paying voters 40,000 Naira to hand in their voter’s cards to his operatives.

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