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Buhari and wife: She's not smiling anymore.

Presidency responds to Aisha Buhari’s “wailing”

An insider at the Presidency has provided the reasons behind President Muhammadu Buhari’s wife, Aisha, going public with her complaints about her husband’s administration.

Mrs Buhari said in a BBC interview two weeks ago that the administration had been hijacked by a handful of people, who are dictating who gets what, and that if things continue, she may not back the president in the next (s)election.

The presidency source claimed that Mrs Buhari’s outburst was because she was a businesswoman who just wanted “power and money and she has been blocked persistently”. The source claimed that she lobbied for appointments on behalf of some people only to be rebuffed. She also expected a steady flow of juicy contracts and “it did not flow as expected”.

She then tried to confront her husband openly about the situation and he just “brushed the embarrassment aside as women tantrums”. The source summed up the incident like this: “She attacked him and he laughed it off”.

The BBC interview was “the last option to a desperado” and an attempt to “get sympathy and she got it” from the public.

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