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Patience Jonathan’s Abuja land grab

The former First Lady, Patience Jonathan, is said to own vast tracts of land across Abuja.

She allegedly used a front company called River Park Estate to seize many undeveloped areas in the “satellite towns” or suburbs around the Nigerian capital when her husband Goodluck Jonathan was president. Those areas include Lugbe, Kubwa, Mpape districts and areas on the road to the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport.

River Park Estate is involved in the development of luxury accommodation across Abuja. Calling themselves “The Nigerian Dream”, the company claims that the estate is “where you would find your perfect fit, for housing, offices, malls, schools, hospitals, condos, etc. Becoming part of the Estate is one sure way of saving a sensational future for yourself and your family, a future you will so proud you bought into. Many people are seizing opportunities to buy into the estate now that it is still fast developing. Some of them are already enjoying life in the estate where there is already power and other amenities”.

Some of the previous owners of the land revealed to that Mrs Jonathan used threats, illegal directives from official sources in the capital’s housing authority, illegal fencing and barricading, and sometimes the provision of alternative land to force the owners to abandon their lands.

However, several owners have refused to budge because they were aware that the lands had increased in value due to development activity that took place in the areas that Mrs Jonathan had an interest during her husband’s tenure. Those that refused to allow the takeover of their lands now have several unsettled court cases and face huge legal bills in order to negotiate Nigeria’s notoriously slow and creaking legal system.

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