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Patience Faka Jonathan and fake contracts

A source close to former First Lady Patience Jonathan has revealed to some of the rackets she was running during her husband Goodluck’s tenure as president from 2010 until he was booted out by voters in 2015.

The source claimed that anyone that was angling for government contracts via Mrs Jonathan was required to give her $30,000 in cash. The source said this money was “official”.  It wasn’t quite clear what this meant and he didn’t explain it fully.  Mrs Jonathan had her own “Office of the First Lady” at the Presidential Villa in Aso Rock, Abuja, with its own seal.  It appears there was an “official” demand for the money from the First Lady and this was not some sort of side business being run by her lackeys.

Continuing, the source informed us that the president knew what his wife was up to, but couldn’t control her or didn’t even bother to try.

As Mrs Jonathan took bundles of $30,000 each from many people bidding for contracts, including foreigners, she became involved in awarding what the source called “fake contracts” in order to get the people she took money from off her back.

The source said many Nigerian and a few foreign firms received signed documents from Mrs Jonathan informing them that they were awarded contracts but those documents turn out to be fakes.

Last year the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission attempted to get a court to freeze $15,591,700 in accounts belonging to Mrs Jonathan. It is unclear whether some of this money came from her contract racketeering.


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