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Nigeria’s police boss Idris mixing business and pleasure

Nigeria’s Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Ibrahim Idris is said to keep a harem of female police officers, known to fellow cops as “IG babes”, on the top floor of Louis Edet House, the force’s headquarters in central Abuja.

Scandal-prone IGP Idris

Idris, who was accused by former police officer and current senator representing Bauchi Central, Isa Misau, of collecting 10bn naira ($27.7m) monthly for the deployment of over 50,000 policemen to oil companies, banks, and private individuals who made regular and unaccounted for payments to the police, is also facing allegations from the same source of being involved in extramarital affairs with two female officers as well as selling promotions for cash.

Female police officers – only the best-looking for the top floor at HQ

A source at the police HQ informed that the police chief has placed the most beautiful female officers, picked from graduate-entrants across the country, in the top floor where the top cop’s office is located.  The source said “everybody knows” who the “IG babes belong to” and “you dare not go near them”.  Many of the women on that floor have allegedly been rapidly promoted, as far up to Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), with little regard for merit or seniority.

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