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Adaeze Chris-Abassah when she was called to the bar

Nigeria Ministry of Transport top official in multiple scandals

• Accused Of Exam Malpractice, Bigamy, And Perjury

Adaeze Chris-Abassah, nee Chika, an Assistant Director in the Ministry of Transport, is currently in the eye of a storm following startling revelations from insider family sources regarding how she got to the prime position which she now occupies in the federal civil service, and about several other potentially damaging alleged sharp practices including exam malpractice, serial marriages, and perjury, among others, which she has been reportedly involved in.
According to a close family source, Adaeze, originally from Ogbunike in Oyi LGA of Anambra State, first got married to one Chris Abassah, who is from Nkwerre in Imo State but whose mum, whose name he took, hails from Bayelsa State.

The then couple got married in 1998 in London, United Kingdom, in a union which is blessed with one son, now about eleven years of age. That marriage reportedly broke up in 2004, when the baby was just a few months old. Next, without divorcing Chris Abassah, and still bearing his name, Adaeze got married again, this time to one Mr. Anyanwu, from Imo State, who resides in the United States, in 2007. That marriage broke up in 2009. She then went ahead to get married, for the third time, to Dirrel, an American who is already a grandfather. Insiders expressed surprise that Adaeze, being a lawyer, should know that a divorce nullifying a previous marriage has to be obtained before a fresh one is embarked upon but, to everyone’s bemusement, she proceeded to contract alleged serial marriages blatantly, while still retaining Chris Abassah’s name.

It was gathered that Adaeze, while living with Mr. Anyanwu and living in the United States, allegedly claimed, in a law suit which she filed against him, that she was a victim of wife battering. As a result, she was said to have got a council flat and an American Green Card in the process. However, unknown to the United States Government, Adaeze already had a job in Nigeria, with the Ministry of Justice, in what is another story of reported sleaze.
This reporter learnt that Adaeze Chris-Abassah allegedly unlawfully deposed to a spurious affidavit that she is an illegitimate daughter of late General Ndiomu, and reportedly used the same to get a job, on the Bayelsa State quota, at the Federal Ministry of Justice, from where she got transferred to the Ministry of Transport. Family sources state clearly that Adaeze is definitely not an illegitimate daughter of late General Ndiomu, but a legitimate daughter of Ogbuefi Sidney Udezue Chika and Mrs. Beatrice Chika, of Ogbunike in Oyi LGA of Anambra State, both deceased.

Again, Adaeze, who read Law at the then ASUTECH, Awka, Anambra State, was allegedly caught cheating in 1991, in her days at the Nigerian Law School, Lagos. As the story goes, Mrs. Ibironke of the Nigerian Law School caught her during their final examination with some incriminating pieces of paper which were found on her person. But, instead of to plead for leniency, Adaeze loudly denied any wrong-doing, a situation which led the enraged Mrs. Ibironke to confiscate her papers and to ban her, for life, from graduating from the Law School. It was not until 1995, following repeated intervention from highly-placed personalities, that she was allowed to take the final Law examinations, before she was called to the Nigerian Bar on October 12th, 1995, in Lagos, four years after her classmates were called to the Bar.

Adaeze Chris-Abassah
Adaeze Chris-Abassah

Those who know Adaeze better said that, though she has a genuine valid Nigerian passport, with multiple visas, she normally goes to work for certain periods in the United Kingdom with allegedly forged “Oluwole” passport and forged United Kingdom Work Permit.

A source close to Adaeze’s family said that she is currently making moves to sell her late dad’s house in Enugu, under the claim that the property should be sold and N6.5 million, being what she claimed she spent on her late mum’s funeral expenses, be paid to her from the proceeds. Already, we learnt that she has already started court action to achieve her goal.

This latest move by Adaeze Chris-Abassah has led to family resistance against her perceived highhandedness, and a Battle Royale is in the making.

Adaeze was unable to be reached at the time this report was filed.

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