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Kayode Fayemi casts his vote during the Ekiti APC primaries

Kayode Fayemi allegedly bribed INEC officials to win APC Ekiti primaries

Former minister of mines and steel Kayode Fayemi won the All Progressive Congress (APC) governorship primaries in Ekiti State last month.  But one of the defeated candidates has refused to accept he was beaten fair and square.

Entrepreneur Kayode Ojo came third in the primaries and said it was as a result of Fayemi having bribed Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) officials to declare votes on behalf of the former minister.  Fayemi, who is seeking to come back as governor after losing a bid for re-election in 2014, was according to Ojo, allocated votes for his opponents during the primaries.  An associate of Ojo’s told Naijiant.com that the business man said his votes were being “called for Fayemi by INEC”.

Ojo, a successful businessman and not a professional politician, was hoping to bring his private sector experience to the governor’s seat in order “move the state forward”, but was disheartened by the shenanigans he witnessed during the primaries.

His associate said that Ojo has “given up hope” in Nigeria and would no longer get involved in politics.  He used to live in Houston and is considering “checking out” of Nigeria.

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