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Obiano and wife Ebele with their daughter on her graduation day at the University of Texas

The inside story of Governor Willie Obiano’s extravagance at daughter’s graduation

Anambra State governor Willie Obiano’s daughter Ogechi graduated from the University of Texas McGovern Medical School in Houston on 18 May 2017.  Shortly, afterwards the governor’s spokesman had to issue denials after reports on social media claimed that he flew 179 people by private jet from Nigeria for the ceremony. has now confirmed the details from a source involved in the lavish event organised by the governor.  The governor did not rent a private jet, but he bought first class flight tickets for 68 people from Nigeria for the occasion.

Watch Obiano dance with daugter Ogechi to Flavour’s singing at the event:

Obiano rented the luxury Ayva Centre in Richmond Avenue, southwest Houston for the ceremony for $10,000 and paid Nigerian star Flavour 10m naira ($31,700) to perform.

The Ayva Centre in Houston

He also paid for travel and accommodation for Flavour and his crew.  The source was not aware of the amounts involved.  The celebration was strictly by invitation, possibly so that no disgruntled Houston-based Anambra State indigenes would witness their governor’s ostentation.  Houston has possibly the largest concentration of Igbos in the US.

Inside the Ayva Centre, no expense spared by Obiano

Obiano is seeking reelection in November this year.


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