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Lagos Mafia Don Tinubu

How Bobo Chicago wields so much power in Lagos

Bola Tinubu virtually “owns” Lagos.

Our man “on ground” claims that if you want something from the state government, you are better off going to see Tinubu than the governor Babatunde Fashola.

No other political godfather in Nigeria has been able to wield so much power like Tinubu, particularly after they’ve stepped down from office.

What Tinubu did when he handed over to Fashola was to ensure that his protege did not have any control over the party structure in the state.  The House of Assembly was filled with Tinubu cronies, who owed their existence to him.  The state apparatus was also controlled by people who owed their loyalty to Bobo Chicago.  The governor virtually had no power base in the state.

He also ensured that his boys controlled other sources of power, money and influence in the state such as the union for motor park touts – the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW).  So no one was capable of using such routes to build a power base to challenge Bobo Chicago.

In addition to his vice-like grip over the state, Bobo Chicago is also said to be a very clever man, who has bought off many of the people that could make life difficult for him.  Many NGOs, pressure groups and their officials are said to be on his payroll.

He is also smart enough to recognise intelligence.  Whenever he meets a very intelligent person he finds out more about the person and tries to recruit the person to the cause.

You may not like what he does, but you have to recognise that he has mastered the dark arts of politricks.

This has helped him amass incredible wealth, keep it, control the economic nerve centre of the country and stay out of jail.

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