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Little Willie and wife: A marriage secured with security vote

Governor Willie Obiano securing his future with his security vote

A source in the Anambra State capital of Awka has revealed to that governor Willie Obiano allocates to himself a “security” vote of 1bn naira ($3m) a month, and diverts 250m naira ($792,000) from that figure to his wife Ebele.

“Security votes” in Nigerian states are a very controversial issue since there is no transparency or accountability on how the money is used.  The funds are supposedly for resourcing the security agencies in each state.  But those agencies should be funded by the federal government and many do not receive any substantial amounts from the security vote in the states in which they work.

No one is quite sure how Obiano uses the rest of the money after his wife gets her cut, but our source was in no doubt that the governor “pockets” the money.

Obiano’s admirers on social media claim that “Willie is working” and he is seeking reelection for a second term in November.  It looks more likely that the security vote is working for Willie and will surely be used to ensure he is returned to office by fair or foul means.


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