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Goodluck “mopping up”

After being swept out of power by the broom of the APC, Goodluck Jonathan’s regime has been busy “mopping up” for themselves whatever public funds they can lay their hands on before they leave office on 29 May.

Federal civil servants, whose salaries were due from 20-25th April have not been paid. Our source claims that this money has disappeared into private pockets and the outgoing administration would leave the payment of arrears to the incoming Buhari administration. So the earliest the civil servants would get paid could be the end of June.

Goodluck is said to be very angry about losing the (s)election and any civil servant that complains too noisily about being owed pay is likely to be fired on the spot.

The treatment of federal government staff is in stark contrast to how the president, vice president and other politricksters that have been voted out have awarded themselves 3.24bn naira (about $16m) in “severance” payments.

But any expectations that Buhari’s APC administration would represent “change” from non-payment of salaries has to be tempered by the fact that the APC governor in Imo State Rochas Okorocha has not paid the salaries of primary school teachers in his state for 13 months, and his APC colleague in Osun State, Rauf Aregbesola, has not paid public sector workers for five months.

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