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Goodluck can’t wait to escape Abuja

The word “on ground” in Abuja is that Goodluck Jonathan was even willing to hand over power to Buhahari immediately the APC leader’s victory in the presidential (s)election was confirmed. He can’t be bothered to wait for the official handover date of 29 May.

Goodluck is tired of sitting on the hot seat and the “wahala” that comes with, and can’t wait to head off to Otuoke to enjoy the billions he has made in peace, while nursing his favoured locally-brewed gin.

He was so desperate to leave that he never bothered to fix the (s)election like other rulers such as Olusegun Obasanjo of “do or die” (s)election fame.

Goodluck never expected to be president in his wildest dreams. The story was that when then president Obasanjo called him to Aso Rock to offer him the chance to run as Umaru Yar’Adua’s vice president, the hapless but never hat-less Goodluck’s bowels moved so violently that he immediately ran into the toilet.

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