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Buhahari collecting his chieftaincy title in Aba

Gangsta politricks in Igboland

When Muhammadu Buhahari’s APC campaign rolled into Aba, the headquarters of Ngwaland in Abia State in January this year, the traditional ruler gave him the chieftaincy title “Ogbuagu of Aba” (Tiger-killer).

The man that planned this was Eze Bernard Enweremadu, the Ezeukwu of Ngwaukwu.

After Buhahari left town, governor Theodore Orji of Abia State (PDP), known as “Ochendo” by his admirers, arrested Enweremadu that night.  He was stripped of his title and slapped around by thugs.  The governor allegedly asked him: “Are you mad to call Buhari ‘Ogbuagu’ in my state?  Do you want me to expose you as a 419er’?

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