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Foul wind in Abia State

Chinedum Orji, the son of Abia State governor Theodore “Ochendo” Orji, likes to be known as “Ikuku” (wind).

Orji senior, after misruling the state for eight years, is heading for the senate, and has just ensured (allegedly with massive rigging) that his puppet Okezie Ikpeazu replaces him as governor.

The younger Orji has also been (s)elected to the Abia State House of Assembly. 17 of his “boys” have also “won” seats in the House. This is part of a plan to ensure “Ikuku” will be Speaker of the House.

A campaign poster for "Ikuku"
A campaign poster for “Ikuku”

The House under his control would make sure the new governor remains a puppet of Orji senior. There is talk that the incoming governor could be impeached to start the process for the Abia governorship to become an Orji dynasty.

“Ikuku” has history of trouble in the state. He once got his thugs to beat up an army captain in civilian clothes, only for the officer to phone his troops, who nabbed Orji and gave him the beating of his life. It took the intervention of Goodluck Jonathan for the soldiers to release the seriously wounded Orji to be flown abroad for treatment.

Last year Orji’s police orderly allegedly shot his PA on the orders of his boss.

If “Ikuku” was this bad when he didn’t have any official position, it is about to get worse.

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