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Eze Gangsta Wike

The PDP candidate for Rivers State governor and former minister for education Eze Nyesom Wike has been declared winner of the (s)election in the state.

Wike is said to regard current governor and APC financier Rotimi Amaechi as a “small boy” and believes he was the man that made Amaechi.

Wike was behind the formation of the Ikwerre Youth Movement, a platform from which the muscle of thuggery required to “win” (s)elections in Rivers State was unleashed. This is euphemistically-known as “grassroots politics”.

At one point Wike was Amaechi’s chief of staff before the pair fell out.

The falling out was in relation to Amaechi’s ambition to become vice president of Nigeria after his second term as governor ended in May this year, and this put him at odds with president Goodluck Jonathan’s bid for re-election. As both come from the Niger Delta, it was unlikely that their party the PDP would have two people from the same region on the presidential ticket. Amaechi had to join the APC in an attempt to realise his ambition, but failed to secure the VP nomination.

As Amaechi clashed with the presidency, Wike pitched his camp with Goodluck, who had appointed him a minister. This camp was arguably led by the formidable Patience Jonathan, an indigene of Rivers State, who had earlier clashed with Amaechi over what she perceived was his mistreatment of her Okrika people.

Amaechi is believed to be “scared” of Wike, even though both are alleged to be gangsters and “cultists”. Our source said if Wike had lost the (s)election, “the whole of Rivers State would have been on fire”, with well-armed thugs, “cultists” and gang members causing mayhem for days, weeks or even months.

The violence during the (s)election in the state, termed “Rivers of blood” by some wags, was an indication of what would have happened if Wike did not have his wicked way in the (s)election.

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