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No eye test if we don't see eye to eye

Everybody run, run, run, everybody scatter, scatter

Last November, Ike Ekweremadu, the deputy senate president deployed his “Ikeoha Foundation” to provide free eye tests to villagers in Akama-Oghe in his Enugu West constituency, possibly as a voter-bribery tactic.

As hundreds of them gathered at the test centre in St Theresa’s Church, they were ambushed by thugs loyal to governor Sullivan Chime.  Paraphrasing Fela from his song “Sorrow, Tears and Blood”: Everybody run, run, run, everybody scatter, scatter.  The thugs dem leave sorrow, tears and blood.  Dem regular trademark.

Readers may recall that Ekweremadu was at loggerheads with Chime because he wanted to become governor and Chime wanted to play godfather and put in his own man, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi.  Chime claimed that the governorship should be zoned to Enugu North b/c it is ‘turn by turn’.

On top of this, Chime wanted to become a senator after leaving Governmentt House. This meant he was after Ekweremadu‘s Enugu West seat.  But Ekweremadu as deputy senate president was too powerful for Chime to shift.  So they had to cut a deal.  This saw Chime give up his senate ambitions in return for his puppet Ugwuanyi to replace him as governor.
Meanwhile, very few are asking why villagers in Akama-Oghe were relying on charity for eye tests in a state in which the governor was claimed to be “performing”.
That’s Naija democrazy for you!
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