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Diezani Madueke: One private jet would not satisfy her

Diezani and the “air convoy”

Diezani Madueke, the former oil minister, who was arrested by the UK’s National Crime Agency in London on Friday on bribery and money laundering charges, was said to have used two or three private jets as an “air convoy” during her days as a minister in the Goodluck Jonathan administration.

A source informed us that Madueke was not content with having one private jet at her disposal. Whenever she had to fly, she would have at least two jets. While she and some close hangers-on flew in one jet, the other one or two would follow shortly afterwards with staff, cronies and other court-jesters.

The other jets also came in handy for ferrying stuff bought during Madueke’s legendary shopping sprees.

The source was unsure whether the jets were rented or belonged to the former minister.

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