Monday , 12 April 2021
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Heartbreak hotel for Okorocha

Coffin for the governor of Imo State

Imo State governor Rochas Okorocha’s plans to build a five-star hotel in the state capital Owerri, allegedly with stolen public funds, have been halted by protests in the city.

The protesters reportedly dumped a coffin at the site of the proposed hotel and threatened that the governor’s dead body would end up inside it if he continued with the project.

A source informed us that Owerri residents were not only angry about Okorocha’s large scale looting, but see the huge rise in hotels in the city as a sign of moral decadence. Rooms in many of Owerri’s hotels are said to be fully booked all year round and tend to be used by politicians for cavorting with their many mistresses, said to be from the universities in the city.

Some of the protesters claimed that they would have preferred Okorocha to build factories and industries with his stolen wealth, rather than add another hotel to a landscape already overcrowded with such businesses. One asked: “Is this what we really need now? Do we not have enough hotels as it is?”

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