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Buhari in London during his first medical trip this year

Buhari missing in action update

President Muhammadu Buhari has not been seen or heard from since he left Nigeria for London a month ago. His wife, Aisha, came back to Nigeria last week after visiting him and claimed that he was getting better from an illness that has not been revealed to Nigerians.

A source close to the medical team treating the president has informed that Buhari intended to return to Nigeria last weekend in order to sign the 2017 budget. The planned return was reported in some sections of the Nigerian media.  However, the president failed to return over the weekend and budget was signed off on Monday by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, who has been acting president since Buhari went missing in action.

The source disclosed that the president’s doctors put their foot down and told him not to travel because of the dangers of the trip to his health. They threatened to have nothing to do with his treatment again if he ignored their order and refused requests to follow the president to Nigeria in order to monitor him.

The prognosis, according to the source, is that there is little chance of Buhari returning to Nigeria in the next six months. The president is said to be anaemic, struggling to eat, and suffering from “complications” from the illness, which is made worse due to his age.  The source speculated that Buhari is “about 10 years older” than his official age of 74. This is Buhari’s second trip abroad this year for health reasons.  He last went in January and was gone for 49 days.

There is little chance of the president resigning, despite his poor health, which the source said was just “being managed” and “there was no way he could return to work as normal”. While the source didn’t confirm Buhari’s illness, some reports claim it is cancer of some sort.  A doctor at the presidential medical centre also confirmed to that the president was suffering from cancer.

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