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Buhari presides over a federal executive council meeting

Buhari is the laziest Nigerian president ever

9 December 2019

A source at the presidency has revealed how little President Muhammadu Buari does as he pretends to lead the country and seeks reelection in 2019.

Speaking to over the weekend, the source said that Buhari only spends an hour a day at work.  He doesn’t read any documents.  He also shows little interest in discussing any of the many issues that affect and afflict the country.  The source said that when Buhari chairs federal executive council (FEC), meetings generally last no longer than an hour at the most.  The source said that the only time those meetings, that involve all ministers, last longer are when Buhari was not available – usually due to illness – and vice president Yemi Osinbajo chairs in the president’s place.  Then the meetings are known to go on for up to six hours with agenda items discussed in detail.

The source said Buhari would usually come into FEC meetings and only say that ministers should be aware that Nigerians are expecting them to fight corruption and they shouldn’t let Nigerians down.  There would be no further examination of any issues of the issues on the table.  The source wondered how the country could make progress with a president so disengaged from the country’s problems.

When reminded the source that constitutional lawyer and professor Ben Nwabueze had said that Buhari lacked the “intellectual capacity” to run Nigeria, the source said that the president was not only “dumb, he is lifeless like Trump said”.  US  president Donald Trump allegedly said he didn’t want to see “that lifeless person again” after a meeting with Buhari.  It appears that the president is intellectually and physically lazy.

The president’s wife, Aisha, alleged last week that there were two people running the country and her husband was not one of them.



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