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Buhahari and Tinubu disagree over “change”

Our source “on ground” in Lagos revealed that the decision to postpone the (s)election to 28 March is causing problems and friction for the opposition APC.

Former Lagos governor Bola Tinubu, he of “fraud of international dimension” (according to Nuhu Ribadu), has been bankrolling the Buhahari campaign.

He was said to have put the “structures on the ground” to rig the (s)election.  But with the voting day moved forward,  APC plans have been “disturbed”, those structures have been “disorganised”, and keeping them in place has meant more spending.  Tinubu is said to be spending “double” the original budget as a result, and he is not very happy as his fortune is dwindling, and the ruling party seems to have an endless pot of cash (from obvious sources).

Another major Buhahari cash machine was Rivers State governor Rotimi Amaechi.  But he is said to be getting tight-fisted, as he is thinking of maintaining himself in the opulence he has become accustomed to if or when Buhahari doesn’t win and there is no lucrative ministerial appointment for him.

So Tinubu is footing most of the Buhahari bills and not amused.  He is also pissed off that Buhahari claimed he had no money, while his wife Aisha could find 135m Naira (about $670,000) worth of drugs to donate to folks displaced by Boko Haram violence.

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