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Buhahari agrees to “soft pedal” with Saraki

President Muhammadu Buhari hosted a meeting last week with Senate President Muhammadu Buhari. The meeting was to secure the support of the Senate President in ensuring that the president’s ministerial nominees scaled through the Senate confirmation hearings scheduled for tomorrow.

A source at the meeting has said that Buhahari agreed to “soft pedal” with the corruption allegations against Saraki in return for cooperation from the former Kwara State governor.

Saraki: guilty until proven to be useful to the president
Saraki: guilty until proven to be useful to the president

Saraki had been in the dock at the Code of Conduct Tribunal over allegations that he failed to declare some of his assets in the period that he was governor. He claimed that he was being prosecuted because some senior figures in his party, the All Progressives Congress (APC) were not pleased about how he gained the Senate presidency.

Buhari, realising that continuing the prosecution against Saraki would make it difficult for the president to have his ministers cleared and even to govern, promised at the meeting that corruption cases against the Senate President would be allowed to die a “slow death”.

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