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Buhahahari unprepared for (s)election win

President Buhahahari is reported to have never expected to win the presidential (s)election.

A source revealed to us that the then All Progressives Congress candidate did not believe he could win. This is seen as the explanation for the new regime’s failure to “hit the ground running” after the president was sworn in on 29 May.

The president has been unable to appoint key officials, ministers, etc and there is already a sense of drift around the new administration, with the source claiming that “nothing is progressing, the president is just doing what he is told”. The president attempted to shift the blame to the previous administration for not providing handover briefing in good time.

The source also claimed that many of the campaign promises from Buhahari were made on the basis that he didn’t expect to win, so there would be no chance of being required to deliver on those promises. Since taking office, the president and his handlers have been desperate to temper expectations, with the president going as far as claiming that his age could prevent him from delivering on those promises.

The source said “there is no plan” and the new government has just asked their predecessors for guidance on what they did in each sector of government, and have just carried on with the plans of the previous administration.

This doesn’t look like the “change” promised to Nigerian voters.

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