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Bad luck for Goodluck in Bayelsa?

The word “on ground” in Yenagoa, the Bayelsa State capital,  is that Goodluck Jonathan is in danger of losing his home state if (big “if”) there is a free vote.

Many Ijaws feel let down by his presidency.  They claim there is precious little to show in their state that the president is a homeboy.

The poverty, joblessness and misery of the people have remained the same or got worse since he became president.

All Goodluck did was look after a chosen few Ijaws, who felt it was now their “turn” to loot the money made from “their oil”.  This was the mentality that they had when they rode into Aso Rock with Jonathan.

But the natives are now restless that Goodluck and his cronies have been “stealing and forgetting their own people”.

In what could prove prophetic, Goodluck said the other day that “I will go back to my village if I lose”.

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