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Friends in high places: Arthur Eze with President Muhammadu Buhari

Arthur Eze’s mobile policemen terrorise ESWAMA officials

On Saturday, 24 September 2016, a truckload of heavily-armed mobile policemen (Mopol) descended on the headquarters of the Enugu State Waste Management Authority (ESWAMA) along the Ridgeway, State Secretariat in the state capital.

According to a source at the scene, the policemen, said to be attached to Enugu-based billionaire Prince Arthur Eze, broke down the main gate of the office complex, headed for the agency’s ‘detention cell’ in the premises, and freed all those who were being held by ESWAMA for one environmental offence or the other.

ESWAMA officials had ‘arrested’ scores of citizens during that day’s sanitation exercise, and had detained them at the agency’s holding cell, pending anticipated ‘settlement’. Unfortunately, one of those arrested was a masseuse on his way for a prearranged massage session with Arthur Eze. An aide of the business mogul was said to have called ESWAMA, explaining the circumstances, while pleading that the masseuse be released to attend to his boss. But, the plea fell on deaf ears and the ESWAMA official was said to have been rude to Eze’s aide.

The Mopol that raided the ESWAMA offices did not only ‘liberate’ the masseuse, but also freed all the other ESWAMA detainees, said to be in their dozens.

The source told that the Managing Director of ESWAMA, Amaka Anajemba, was displeased with the development and could be considering legal action. It would be interesting to test in court ESWAMA’s rights to detain people and Arthur Eze’s right to use policemen to settle his private scores.

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