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Archbishop Chukwuma accuses Father Mbaka of wanting an oil block

Archbishop Emmanuel Chukwuma, of the Anglican Church in Enugu, has accused Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka of “looking for an oil block”.

The controversial and self-absorbed Chukwuma, who is also the Chairman of the Enugu State Committee on Adoption, has been at loggerheads with Mbaka for a very long time. He once called on the Catholic Bishop Conference to “discipline” Mbaka for criticising former president Goodluck Jonathan. Mbaka is said to “rain curses” on Chukwuma whenever their paths cross.

Mbaka has been one of the most influential advocates for President Muhammadu Buhari’s regime in southeastern Nigeria. He was hosted by the president and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo at Aso Rock last month, and Buhari’s wife, Aisha, also visited the fiery priest in Enugu.

Mbaka with Osinbajo and Buhari in Abuja
Mbaka with Osinbajo and Buhari in Abuja

Chukwuma made the oil block allegation today as he was officiating at a funeral in Ngwo, about ten miles from Enugu, the Enugu State capital. He arrived late and said that this was because he was just coming from Abuja.

As usual, the pompous Chukwuma, dropped names, and a source at the funeral said he was “boasting about how he was running around to fight for the good of Igbo people and quash the Biafra issue, unlike Mbaka, whom he said was looking for oil block”.

This statement didn’t go down well with attendees. The source said there was “an uproar from some quarters as people began murmuring and grumbling”. Ignoring, his purpose at the funeral and the solemnity of the occasion, Chukwuma accused those murmuring of being “Mbaka’s people”. He claimed that it was an “Anglican” funeral, implying that Catholic “Mbaka’s people” had no right to complain.

He also claimed during his sermon that a former governor of the state tried to take “Christ Church Enugu land” – belonging to the Anglican Church. Most people at the event knew he was referring to his running battles with the then governor Sullivan Chime and the Enugu State Housing Corporation. Chukwuma allegedly sent armed thugs to attack the officials early last year.

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