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Old broom, same old story

APC – old broom in new broom cupboards

The APC promised “change”, but the people meant to take us to the “Promised Land” are the sort that make you go “hmmm…”

The Enugu State Chairman of the Buhari Support Group (BSG) and Vice Chairman of APC, Enugu East zone, is a character called Anike Nwoga.

Nwoga became infamous in the 1980s in Enugu as the “chief thug” of then Anambra State governor Jim Nwobodo. Nwobodo had a vicious band of thugs back then known as “Jim’s Vanguard” and their boss was Anike Nwoga.

Nwoga and his boys were on the state payroll and politial thuggery paid so well that he bought a brand new Mercedes.

Anike Nwoga, looking respectable today as an APC bigwig

The governor found this embarrassing and asked Nwoga not to drive the car, wondering what people would say if they found out that his thug was rolling in a Merc.

Nwoga was not pleased with the governor’s request and responded that “everyone” else had Mercs, so why shouldn’t he have one too, and “Anike is not a small boy”.

The ex “chief thug” is now a top APC official in Enugu State.

Now, that’s change!

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