Thursday , 17 January 2019
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High debt, low deposits – Nigeria’s banks on the line

3 January 2019 Economists are warning bad debt and low savings are threatening the survival of many commercial banks in Nigeria. Millions of people do not deposit their savings in banks and the wealthy choose to invest elsewhere. The country’s central bank says just two percent of Nigeria’s 190 million people have savings of at least $1,400, and just 350 …

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How corruption is hindering fight against Boko Haram – ISSA

31 December 2018 Nigeria’s Buhari government Massively upgrades the fight … to protect itself; But Boko Haram still dominates the battlefield Analysis. From GIS/Defense & Foreign Affairs, Abuja. A sense of desperation has now enveloped the Nigerian Armed Forces leadership as the insurgencies from Islamist groups — loosely referred to as Boko Haram (BH) — continue to gain dominance over …

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