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Statement of the ICC’s Fatou Bensouda, on the conclusion of the preliminary investigation of Nigeria

ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda

12 December 2020 Today [11 December 2020], I announce the conclusion of the preliminary examination of the situation in Nigeria. As I stated last year at the annual Assembly of States Parties, before I end my term as Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (“ICC” or the “Court”), I intend to reach determinations on all files that have been under preliminary examination …

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24 young Nigerians held illegally by the police – activist Bayyanar Mahadi

11 December 2020 Bayyanar Mahadi, a Nigerian activist, has detailed how 24 young men were being detained in inhumane conditions after becoming victims of extortion and corruption by the Nigeria Police Force. Mahadi’s account in a 30-minute video details how the unemployed men, who were trying to join the police force, were shaken down by named police officers for 700,000 …

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10 December 2020 Every year an increasing number of Nigerians flee poverty and unrest at home. Now, rich Nigerians are planning their escape too. And they’re taking their money with them. Dapo has spent too long at home in Lagos, Nigeria. Back in October, protests against the SARS police unit kept him from going to his office. “First, we were …

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#EndSARS: From elation to frustration

9 December 2020 For a brief moment in October, it seemed that youthful protesters calling to “abolish” a police force had succeeded. After weeks of mass demonstrations against police brutality, the government agreed to disband a widely hated police unit. This was in Nigeria, not the United States. But the lessons from Nigeria have broad relevance for protesters elsewhere calling for …

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Nigeria: Older people often an invisible casualty in conflict with Boko Haram

8 December 2020 Recent Boko Haram massacre in Borno State exemplifies years of repression and abuse of older people by the armed group Older people are frequently killed in military raids and die disproportionately in unlawful military detention Humanitarian response treats older people as ‘an afterthought’ Older people have suffered in unique ways from the conflict that has raged for …

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US puts Nigeria on religious freedom blacklist with China, Saudi Arabia

7 December 2020 The US has included Nigeria on a blacklist of nations where “systematic, ongoing, egregious religious freedom violations” are an issue of concern. The move could pave the way for potential sanctions in the future. The United States on Monday added Nigeria to a blacklist on religious freedoms for the first time. The list also includes countries such as …

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