Saturday , 19 October 2019
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Solar power could stabilise Nigeria’s electricity grid and save it money

31 May 2019 Lengthy power cuts are pretty much a daily experience in Nigeria. The country’s epileptic power supply has been identified by businesses as the second biggest obstacle to doing business in the country, after a lack of access to finance.This unreliable power supply is a major hindrance to Nigeria’s economic growth. It also costs the country an enormous …

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Buhari takes his hypocrisy to the “next level” in NTA “interview”

28 May 2019 President Muhammadu Buhari sat down last night to an “interview” on the government-owned NTA last night. But calling what followed an “interview” would mean rewriting the meaning of that word. It was a cringeworthy exercise in lickspittle obsequiousness from reporter Adamu Sambo, who seemed to be just grateful to have been granted an audience with “his excellency”, …

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A Russian dead end for scammed Nigerian footballers

27 May 2019 Names marked with an asterisk* have been changed to protect interviewees’ anonymity. Shady agents lured aspiring Nigerian footballers to Russia during the World Cup period, and some remain stranded. At around the time of the 2018 World Cup, several Nigerian men travelled to Russia on a promise.  Agents in the African country had led them to believe that they …

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