Saturday , 17 April 2021
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Nigeria’s poor response to Boko Haram has left border communities feeling abandoned

17 March 2021 For over a decade, the North-eastern region of Nigeria has been ravaged by insecurity, as the militant group Boko Haram has destabilised border communities. The damage ranges from loss of life to destruction of property and farmlands. We analysed the efforts of various state and non-state actors (both local and international) to address these security challenges, and found evidence of uncoordinated actions between government …

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Nigerian kidnappings reach crisis point

10 March 2021 Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari, in response to the recent mass kidnapping of 279 schoolgirls in the country’s Zamfara state, ordered security agents “to shoot any person or persons seen carrying AK-47s in any forest in the country.” Buhari also directed a ban on “all mining activities in Zamfara State, as well as the imposition of a no-fly zone over …

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Confusion reigns about Nigeria’s distribution plan for its first batch of COVID-19 vaccines

10 March 2021 Nigeria has started to vaccinate people after receiving its first batch of COVID-19 vaccines. Virologist and senior research fellow Dr Solomon Bakarey provides some insights on how the country should go about the rollout plan. The government hasn’t unveiled a coherent plan. How much of a problem is this? It’s a big problem, and it’s making Nigerians sceptical about the vaccines. …

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Is President Muhammadu Buhari unwilling to stop the violence in Nigeria?

23 February 2021 Violence is escalating in Nigeria. Is a minister’s assertion that civilians are ‘cowards’ for not fighting armed gangs a sign that President Muhammadu Buhari has reached the end of his tether? Speaking of armed gangs preying upon civilians, Nigerian Minister of Defense Bashir Magashi said, “I don’t know why people are running away from minor, minor, minor things …

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Nigerian police beat, arrest protesters at site of Lekki shooting

13 February 2021 Activists called for protests after reopening of Lekki toll gate where security forces shot at demonstrators in October. Nigerian police beat and arrested demonstrators on Saturday as a small group protested over the reopening of the site where activists denouncing police brutality were shot last year in the commercial capital, Lagos. Rights group Amnesty International and witnesses …

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UK court: Nigerian farmers can sue Shell over pollution

12 February 2021 Britain’s Supreme Court has ruled that more than 40,000 people can make claims against the European energy giant following decades of oil spills in the Niger Delta region. A group of Nigerian farmers and fishermen can sue Royal Dutch Shell PLC in English courts over pollution from decades of oil spills,  Britain’s highest court ruled on Friday. Five …

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