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Yemi Alade is still looking for her…..

Jona ask me to vote for am

In 2011

And he talk say him go fix power

After 4 years e go be thing of the past

Jona talk say if him no fit do am

E go mean say him no fit do anything

Nwokem ke di ife neme

As I dey sing I no get light


Do you know Jona .. question

You know fit do anything

You telling me this

Telling me that

You are not for me

Jona do us cunny

You don dey steal money

You say stealing no be corruption oh


You go Canada

You go Tokyo

You go Brazil

You no wan go Chibok oh

You lie, You lie

You be Pinochio


I’m looking for my Jona

I wan tell you I no go vote for you

You dance disco

You sing Awilo

You become emperor like Nero oh

As poverty dey wire people for Sokoto

You enter plane go Toronto


Jona ask me to vote for am

See me see wahala

You steal billion dollar

You get plenty Hummer

You dey drink Johnny Walker

Dey miliki inside Aso Rock Villa

Chop food pass billion Naira

Wetin you do for Naija

Our country dey on fire

I’m looking for my Jona, ah ayakata

Where is my Jona

Have you seen Jona


Make you go Aba

Make you go Taraba

Make you go Kwara

Make you go Onitsha

Make you go Sambisa

Everywhere na suffer suffer

You hide for Aso Rock Villa

I’m looking for my Jona

Do you know Jona

On February 14 ife geme

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