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Why doesn’t “Rochas” Okorocha use his real name?

The Imo State governor “Rochas” Okorocha was christened Ethelbert Anayo Okorocha.

His opponent Emeka Ihedioha’s campaign team has insisted on always addressing Okorocha by his real name.

I have been investigating why the change to “Rochas” without much luck.  Even a close relative of the man could not come up with any coherent answer why he switched from Ethelbert to “Rochas”.

I would have changed my name if it was Ethelbert, but I think Anayo is a great Igbo name.  But the man just pulled out a name from thin air.

There is a suspicion that the change of name may have been for dubious reasons in relation to Okorocha’s dodgy business dealings in the past.  But we are not yet in a position to confirm or deny.

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