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Nnamdi Kanu "radiating" on Radio Biafra with toxic fakery

Who’s faking who? Kanu or Buhari?

11 November 2018

Nnamdi Kanu, who claims he was sent by God to liberate the people of Biafra (southeast Nigeria) from Nigeria, was back on air on Radio Biafra this evening to “unmask the criminal at Aso Rock”, Nigeria’s presidential villa.  Kanu has been doing his shock jock thing on the station from Israel for the past few weeks and claims that President Muhammadu Buhari died in London last year, was buried in Saudi Arabia and the “cabal” around the president, masterminded by chief of staff Abba Kyari, brought a body double from Sudan to replace the dead president.

Is what Kanu saying real, is Buhari a fake?  In the words of Large Professor from the rap group Main Source in “Fakin the funk”, would sensible people think Kanu is “talking that extra hard junk, you’re probably a punk”?  He kicked off what turned into a three-hour marathon broadcast saying that the “restoration of Biafra” will create the “kingdom of heaven on earth”.  This “restoration” was a “biblical edict” that was “ordained in heaven”.

The majority of Igbos, who would be the main ethnic group in this allegedly biblical Biafra, are Christians.  While they should know that God moves in “mysterious ways, his wonders to perform”, there is simply no biblical justification for Kanu’s claims.  It is fake theology.  A fake doctrine.  He is going down the path of the fraudulent pastors that Nigeria has an abundance of, who fleece their flock.  Interestingly, Kanu spoke about large donations from the “IPOB family” across the world.  He didn’t reveal the amounts.

Before Kanu prayed at the beginning of his broadcast, he apologised for not praying in Igbo, which he called “the language of heaven”.  How he knew this without the privilege of going to heaven, is anyone’s guess.  But most people of the Christian faith would file this under “false doctrine” and potentially blasphemous.

After praying, he said he will tell his audience stuff that will “shake the foundations of the zoo [Nigeria]. Nigeria must fall, the same way that Jericho fell”.  The only people falling for this must be his most rabid followers, while everyone else must have fallen off their chairs with laughter.

The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), armed with his fake theology, then said the person pretending to be Buhari was an “impostor”.  He claimed that US president Donald Trump gave Nigerians a “hint” of this when he said, after meeting Buhari, that “I don’t want to see that lifeless person again”.  But because chief of staff Abba Kyari was “avarice and greed personified” he engineered the biggest scam in history by replacing Buhari, that died last year, with a younger man.

Can Trump see through the “lifeless” person to know that he is Jubril from Sudan?

This was all designed so that Kyari “will be one of the richest men in the world”.  Kanu claimed that Buhari had major brain surgery in the UK that he never recovered from.  He wondered how someone with such an ailment didn’t need further checkup.

But in the past few months, most recently after a Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in London and a UN General Assembly meeting in London, Buhari has had an extended stay in the UK.  Many speculated that this was so he could be seen by his doctors.  However, Kanu was in no mood to let the facts get in the way of his fake story, backed by fake theology.

The thing about Kanu’s rants is that they jump from pillar to post.  He starts with one issue, is distracted to something else, returns to the original issue, goes off on another tangent, all spiced up with stuff that would be music to the ears of members of the Ku Klux Klan.  He derided Buhari for being currently in Paris for a peace forum – a “butcher and murderer”.  Then claimed that black people “never rise up against evil”.  It was white people that ended slavery – except in Haiti, where the rebellion against slavery was led by an Igbo man.  There are claims that Toussaint Louverture who led the revolt was a descendant of Igbo slaves.

Kanu claimed that Imo State governor Rochas Okorocha’s recent threat about revealing what he knows that would set Nigeria on fire, is related to the “impostor” pretending to be Buhari.   Kanu knew it was an impostor – “Jubril Aminu al-Sudani” –  because “I have people inside Aso Rock that give me information”.  Last week Kanu had claimed that it was God that revealed that the person we think is Buhari is actually Jubril from Sudan.  Mark Twain said that “if you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything”.

So who is fake?  Buhari or Kanu?

Kanu told his listeners that Buhari died “looking at me” and “I cursed him” and he “collapsed during my court case”.  He claimed that flight logs for the presidential jet show that when Buhari was hurriedly flown out, they had to stop in Casablanca, Morocco to “pick up a life support machine”.   In Kanu’s version, Buhari died in London and “the work to replace him started immediately”.  The president then allegedly died in London and was flown to Saudi Arabia for his burial.  Around this time, it is on record that the president’s wife, Aisha, flew to Saudi Arabia, ostensibly to perform the “Lesser Hajj”.  Kanu said that this trip was to attend her husband’s funeral.

When Buhari/Jubril eventually returned to Nigeria after over 100 days, and, if you believe Kanu, after “extensive plastic surgery”, he couldn’t use his office and the official line was that there was a rat infestation.  Kanu’s theory was that the entry to the office was fingerprint sensitive.  This was installed by one of the previous occupants, Ibrahim Babangida, and the impostor had to wait months for the entry system to be reconfigured.

Kanu claimed that the cabal were able to pull this off because there were no Igbos in Buhari’s cabinet.  He gave the example of the late Dora Akunyili insisting that then president Umaru Yar’Adua, in similar circumstances of illness, should step down for vice president Goodluck Jonathan to take over.  Kanu also claimed that Akunyili was poisoned because of her stance.  This is all hard to verify, but the claim that there are no Igbos in the Buhari cabinet is false.  Geoffrey Onyeama, the foreign minister and Chris Ngige, the labour minister, are Igbos.  Last week, Kanu said Rotimi Amaechi, the transport minister, is Igbo.  If he can’t be trusted in such little things, how can he be trusted in allegations of the massive fraud of replacing a dead president with a body double?

To prove his point, Kanu said that Aisha Buhari’s absence when Prince Charles and his wife were in Nigeria this week is evidence that the person in Aso Rock is not Buhari.  But both Buhari/Jubril and Aisha attended a ball hosted by the English queen for Commonwealth heads of government earlier this year in London.

What is Aisha Buhari doing meeting Queen Elizabeth with “that impostor”?

Kanu also claimed that the Archbishop of Canterbury, who was “Buhari’s friend when they were stealing oil together in the 70s”, was helping legitimise the fraudulent swap of a dead body with a Sudanese “impostor”.  He then said of the person pretending to be Buhari:  “Jubril, a man that never saw dollars in his life. A washed up actor in Khartoum. Is now spending a nation’s budget. Living large”.

He moved on to calling Nigeria “an evil entity, Nigerians are evil”, it was “a haven of criminality and fraud”.  By this time, he was on a roll:  “Nigeria will go down in history as the greatest mistake the British made”. “Nigeria sells crude oil and gas and buys everything they need, including common sense”. “If you say you are a Nigerian, you are a disgrace to humanity. You are a sheep, a complete idiot”.

At this point, they played a tape of the premier of the Northern Region in the First Republic, Ahmadu Bello, saying he will rather employ expatriates than employ someone from the south, if there were no qualified northerners.  He also said that Igbos were domineering.  Kanu said that Bello had the right ideas because he was an advocate of regionalism and fought for the north.  He built academic institutions of high standards in the north and factories.  For Kanu, he was a major upgrade on the likes of Buhari and Atiku Abubakar, the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

“I love Ahmadu Bello” – Kanu

Kanu clearly didn’t understand the nuances of Bello’s positions.  The late Sardauna, was a Fulani aristocrat fronting like a champion of the “north” in order to legitimise the minority rule of the Fulani.  Northern Nigeria is a very diverse place with many of the other ethnicities resenting Fulani dominance.  Bello’s strategy was to present a united northern front against outsiders to entrench the control of the Fulani elite.  But this reality didn’t suit Kanu’s narrative.  In fact, Bello’s regionalism crumbled because minorities in places like the “Middle Belt” wanted to free themselves from Fulani domination.  In Kanu’s one-eyed view, regionalism was a silver bullet solution to Nigeria’s problems.  So he kept banging on about restructuring and restructuring promises that were not fulfilled.  “The only restructuring Nigeria has undertaken was the restructuring of Jubril’s face to make him look like Buhari”.

He once again called for Nigerians, “all oppressed masses” not just Biafrans, to boycott next year’s (s)election.  Kanu seems oblivious to the fact that he only seems to make sense when he sides with ordinary Nigerians across the ethnic divide, instead of banging on about Igbo exceptionalism that wouldn’t look out of place in Nazi texts about Aryan supremacy.  He claimed that if all Nigerians stayed at home on election day and nothing changes, “I will drop my call for Biafra”.

But the man can’t help himself.  The braggadocious ethnic chauvinist and Igbo supreIf Biafra stands, in 6 months time, everybody will be begging for visas to come to Biafra.macist in him can’t be suppressed for too long.  He said “we are special”.  Apart from Biafrans being “special”, Kanu thought he was special too: “I know I’m brilliant. If you think you are educated, come and I will useless you”.  “We are scattered around the world” like Jews and would return when Biafra is “restored”.  When “Biafra stands, in 6 months time, everybody will be begging for visas to come to Biafra.  This “restoration” is a “project from heaven” and “Elohim has sanctioned Biafra”.

At the end of the broadcast, if Nigeria’s Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) had to provide a verdict, they would have said the evidence that God has ordained Biafra is “inconclusive”, evidence that Buhari is actually Jubril from Sudan is also “inconclusive” and the evidence that Kanu is a false prophet with a fake doctrine is pretty much overwhelming.



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