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Buhahari, is it not time for you to go back to Naija?

Where is Buhahari?

Has the APC presidential candidate returned to Nigeria following his speech at Chatham House last Thursday?

We have seen no record of him appearing in public in Nigeria since that speech.

There are rumours that he is in his hometown Daura, but this can’t be confirmed.

Buhahari’s failure to appear in public in Nigeria since that speech in London is allowing the rumours that he came to London for medical treatment to grow legs.

The PDP has already accused the APC of paying Chatham House a lot of money to allow Buhahari to speak.  They claim the speech was hastily arranged as a cover for Buhahari coming to London to receive treatment for a mystery illness.

This theory is given credence by the fact that Buhahari flew to London, in the middle of a campaign, on 20 February for a speech on 26 February, and is possibly still in the UK since that speech.  He made no public appearances in the days before and after the speech.

Buhahari claimed in a BBC interview after the Chatham House speech that he was “as fit as a fiddle”.  Well, it now looks like Buhahari and the APC are playing Nigerians like a harp.  A fit presidential candidate does not lie low for nearly two weeks in the heat of the campaign.

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