Thursday , 27 February 2020
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We want a New Naijuria!

By Alhaji Mustafa Kudi

My fipul, it is time por change. Haba, all zis ze same politricks, wis dipperent dipperent farties iz not getting us anywia.

Zia is too much insekoority, too much corruftion and too much bitterness in the folity. Even me ma, started wis Fee Dee Fee in 1999, decamped to C Fee C, back to Fee Dee Fee, decamped to A Fee Cee, and walahi, now I can not even remember which one iz my farty.

My fipul, we are tired of all zis alpabets, wis ze same fipul, same politricks, ze same chop I chop folicies, ze same turn by turn, same corruftion, and no change por ze common man. Eben small change to buy tuwo shinkafa, my fipul in Malumfashi can not get. We hab to change!

No more dibishun!

Let us hab one Naijuria!

One Nation!

One Destiny!

One kwantiri!

And One Farty por Naijuria!

Eferibodi, one farty.

Zat iz ze only way we will hab feace and unity!

We will call it APDPC. I will join, Goodluck will join, Buhari will join, Wole Soyinka will join, ze fipul prom NaiGiant will join, even Boko Haram will join, and we will stop fighting each odder, inshallah.

Let all Naijurians unite under one umblerra so I can chop my shia op ze national moi-moi and democrazy dibidend in feace. Let us stop pighting. Enop is enop!

Alhaji Mustafa Kudi, OFR, IBM, OAP, OPP
Chairman, Board of Trustees Northern Elders Forum
Chief Sponsor, Arewa Consultative Forum
Life President, Malumfashi Indigenes Assembly

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