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Protests in Ore today

Violent protests in Ore, Ondo State over non-existent power supply

1 August 2018

Thousands of residents of Ore in Ondo State staged what was reportedly a violent protest from 10am today about what a witness at the scene described as “the non-connection of electricity for six years to their community”.  Protesters held a rally in the town barricading roads demanding from the power companies: “Bring back our light”.

The witness who was heading to Enugu from Lagos for a conference said the protesters “have blocked the Lagos-Benin expressway.  Not even the soldiers and policemen with guns and shooting can deter them to shift their ground.  Some vehicles are even turning back to Lagos.”

Traffic brought to a standstill at Ore

The witness made this observation at around 13:15 and continued: “It is standstill, no movement here at Ore.  Vehicles before us said they have been stranded and standstill here for more than three hours”.

It was like a car park at the Ore end of the highway from Lagos to Benin

He went on to report 15 minutes later that: People with light luggage here are disembarking from their vehicles to enter okada (motorcyclists) via the bush pathways across the trouble spot”.  This was ostensibly “to board vehicles to Benin City on the other side”.

No movement in Ore due to poor electricity protest

He later said that the feared paramilitary “mobile policemen” were “looking powerless and incapacitated.  Even them are trapped here”.

The witness didn’t manage to drive away from the area until around 4pm.

There is widespread belief across Nigeria that power minister Babatunde Fashola, previously portrayed as an achiever from his time as governor of Lagos State, has failed woefully to deliver improved power supply to Nigerians.  He has delivered a lot of excuses instead on why he can’t improve electricity supply.

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