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Adama Dieng, the UN's Special Advisor on Genocide

UN Special Advisor on Genocide: “I’m concerned about Nigeria”

18 January 2019

The UN’s Special Advisor on Genocide has expressed concern about the situation in Nigeria. Senegalese diplomat Adama Dieng has been Special Advisor to the UN Secretary-General on the Prevention of Genocide since September 2012.

He was speaking in an interview with DW, the German public service broadcaster. When asked which countries were at most risk at the moment, Dieng said: “I will not just focus on the risk of genocide because my office also handles other crimes [such as] crimes against humanity and war crimes. I remain very concerned about the situation in South Sudan, and in the Central African Republic. The current uprising in Sudan is also of concern. The situation in Mali, despite some positive developments, remains of concern. There is a trend that remains of concern; I am referring to the situations in Nigeria, in Cameroon and in the Democratic Republic of Congo which I visited in the past, especially in Kasai [province].”

He didn’t specify what about Nigeria that has caused him concern. But the Nigerian military is alleged to have committed atrocities in its fight against Boko Haram insurgents, against pro-Biafran secessionists, and Shi’ites.

However, Dieng added: “One of the main reasons behind the crises in many countries is related to governance issues, it is also related to a lack of inclusivity.” 

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