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UK prime minister Boris Johnson, Nigeria vice president Yemi Osinbajo and Priti Patel

UK home secretary Priti Patel’s “priti strange” relationship with company suing Nigeria for $10bn

9 September 2020

British investigative journalism magazine Private Eye has again raised questions about the relationship between UK home secretary, Priti Patel and a company claiming $10bn in damages against the Nigerian government.

From the current edition of “The Eye”: ‘If Nigeria want to take part in global markets, it must shape up and honour its obligations’, thundered Priti Patel, then a resting backbench MP and now home secretary, back in 2018 in an opinion piece for City AM. questioned Patel’s article at the time.

“The Eye” continued: Patel was furious that Nigeria was appealing a $10bn arbitration award in London in favour of Process and Industrial Development, a shadowy British Virgin Islands building company, after a power station contract in Nigeria went sour. Last year, Bloomberg journalist ….. Kit Chellel described an extraordinary saga of abuse involving dodgy contractors and local politicians, supported by the usual phalanx of international hedge funds, lobbyists and lawyers.

“The Eye” claimed that Patel never bothered to explain how and why she became involved in this issue and noted: But her words sit uneasily now given last week’s commercial court ruling in favour of Nigeria.

Continuing, “The Eye” stated: Judge Sir Ross Cranston said there was indeed what he called prima facie evidence of systematic bribery, corruption and perjury by P&ID, both in the original contract and earlier arbitration proceedings! He has suspended the award Patel insisted must be paid – double what Nigeria spends on health and education combined – to allow for a full hearing with powers to dismiss the case.

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