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Tutorials for Buhahahari?

President Buhari had a “closed-door two hour meeting” yesterday with Emeka Anyaoku, the former Commonwealth Secretary-General and ex foreign minister of Nigeria.

Was it a coincidence that this meeting took place just before the president jets off to the US for a meeting with President Barack Obama? Apparently not. Anyaoku said after the meeting: “We talked about international affairs including, in particular, his forthcoming visit to the United States at the invitation of President Obama.”

It appears that the president has decided it was necessary to be brought up to speed on international matters by the experienced Anyaoku. The president’s lack of depth on these matters was brought to the fore recently with his comments about “President Michelle of West Germany”, referring to the African Union as the “OAU”, and pronouncing Niger Republic like you would pronounce the river “Niger”.

It remains to be seen whether two hours would be enough and if Anyaoku’s crash course would prevent further embarrassment by Buhari in the US.

However, the president deserves some credit for trying to learn.

The only reservation is that he always seems to go back to “the old school” in search of knowledge. Advice from folks in their 80s like Anyaoku and Ahmed Joda, who headed the transition committee, may be past their sell by date. This could be why activist Liborous Oshoma said “the president is an analogue in a digital environment”.

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