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Transformation + change = business as usual

The installation of Bukola Saraki, a former PDP governor of Kwara State, as the President of the Senate under the APC, and Ike Ekweremadu of the PDP as his deputy, has been described as as a blend of transformation and change.

Former Minister of National Planning Abubakar Sulaiman, said “the critical support offered by the PDP lawmakers in the emergence of Senators Saraki and Ekweremadu clearly shows that the transformation agenda championed by Jonathan still has a place”.

The APC campaigned on the platform of “change”, claiming that 16 years of PDP rule had destroyed the country. This was despite the fact that the party was stuffed with former PDP politricksters like Saraki, who ruled Kwara for eight years, contributing to that destruction as part of the “Peoples Destruction Party”.

While the APC called for “change”, former president Goodluck Jonathan claimed his “transformation agenda” was improving the country. Many voters disagreed and transformed him from president to joining the ever growing list of unemployed Nigerians.

Now, after the (s)elections, Nigerians are beginning to see that the more things “change”, the more the remain the same. Although the alphabets of the ruling party have changed, the characters and the agenda still remain the same.

While nothing changes for the millions of long-suffering Nigerians, the bank accounts of a handful of politricksters continue to be transformed.

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