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Balarabe Musa: APC could be worse than PDP

This is what a real “progressive” looks like

Balarabe Musa is a national treasure.

The former governor of Kaduna State nailed it in a recent interview.

“PDP government has not achieved what is expected of it. Of course, it is wrong to say that it has not achieved anything. It has achieved something but very marginal compared with the resources made available to it. It has achieved less than 30 percent. But remember, most decampees to APC are from PDP who felt they cannot find their way in terms of getting rich through corrupt means. If APC is voted into power today, it can even be worse than the government of PDP under the leadership of President Goodluck Jonathan. APC is composed of PDP aggrieved members who could not get a breakthrough in terms of massive wealth while in PDP.”

He continued:

“Under the conditions existing in Nigeria, it is not possible to have free, fair and transparent elections leading to a legitimate government. And that is the nation’s objective. It is not practicable because of the condition that exists. We will have election which we hoped will be tolerable, but definitely not free, fair, and transparent election because the condition for that does not exist in Nigeria, particularly the deciding rule of money factor in politics and election. If money is the deciding factor, then there can’t be free, fair, and transparent election.”






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