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The joke's on those that support two clowns

The woman is not for turning

The race for president is heating up all over social media.  It has become very polarised with typical Naija insults, name-calling and so on.

So I rang my mother-in-law to “test the pulse of the nation” on Saturday.

She couldn’t care less who won the (s)elections.

She said the PDP had been there for 16 years and there was nothing to show for it.  Goodluck did not deserve to be re-elected.  But she said she couldn’t see what Buhari was coming to do.  The man had ruled before and showed he had nothing to offer.  What was the point of him coming back?  Must we keep recycling failure, she asked.

In the end she said she had better things to do than waste her time voting for any of those two.  Whoever wins there would be no “change” as far as she was concerned.

In fact, Nigerians are being short-changed with this sham that they have labelled “democracy”.

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