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Tinubu and Saraki: Let he who is without corruption cast the first stone

The stoning of Bukola Saraki

Senate President Bukola Saraki was reportedly stoned when he went to a praying ground in his hometown Ilorin to celebrate the Muslim festival of Eid el Kabir.

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Saraki’s troubles in Ilorin were a continuation of the bad week he has had, following having to sit at the dock at the Code of Conduct Tribunal in Abuja, charged with making a false declaration of his assets when he was the governor of his state.

Saraki claimed at the tribunal that he was only there because he became Senate President. His rise to that position made him enemies with powerful people in his party like Bola Tinubu, the former Lagos State governor, who wanted to control the leadership of the National Assembly.

Docked!  Saraki in trouble
Docked! Saraki in trouble

There are rumours that Tinubu bussed in the protesters from Lagos, who shouted “ole” (“thief”), to embarrass Saraki. Interestingly, the Tinubu-owned news channel, TVC News, gave full coverage this morning to Saraki’s embarrassment, with subtitles for the chants from the Yoruba-speaking protesters. Immediately after that “news” item, the next was about Tinubu’s Eid goodwill message, showing their boss looking like a statesman as he prayed peacefully in Lagos.

It is wonderfully ironic that Saraki is being forced to answer for assets he most likely fraudulently acquired but allegedly failed to declare, and all this is being aired by a Tinubu asset like TVC News, which was acquired with the spoils of Tinubu’s crimes in Lagos.

That’s Nigeria for you, where the people shouting “thief” are also thieves.

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