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The only "change" we have seen is a change in mind about globe-trotting

The hypocrisy of Buhari

A campaign poster from when Muhammadu Buhari ran for president in 2003 has resurfaced on social media.

Buhari was then trying to make political capital of the fact that then President Olusegun Obasanjo spent much of his time on junkets abroad.

Now, Buhari is president and is currently in Qatar, flying in from Saudi Arabia, after visiting Egypt the week before. Next destination, shortly after he returns to Nigeria, is China.

He claimed in the poster that he’d “face domestic issues head-on”. Last week Fulani herdsmen massacred hundreds of people in Agatu Local Government Area of Benue State. It was not enough for the president to cancel his trip and face the crisis “head-on”.

He has been to 26 countries in nine months in power. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the same Obasanjo, that he criticised for globe-trotting, is now a close adviser.

Buhari promised Nigerians “change”. The only thing he has changed is his mind on a lot of campaign promises.

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