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Yobo and Kanu at a PDP rally

Should Naija celebs be openly endorsing politricksters?

Many famous and infamous Naijas have come out in favour of either the PDP or the APC.  These include ex Super Eagles captains Nwankwo Kanu and Joseph Yobo endorsing Goodluck Jonathan’s re-election.

Singers/rappers Flavour, MI, Ice Prince, Yemi Alade and company collaborated in what, I must say, is a good campaign song for the APC candidate for governor of Lagos State.

Some have taken it as far as running for office.  These include Nollywood vets Bob-Manuel Udokwu and Desmond Elliot.  Singer 9ice also tried to be elected on the platform of the APC.

As with everything Naija, there is a strong whiff of personal enrichment surrounding these endorsements of the status quo by entertainers.

Some have argued that being partisan is a bad move by Naija celebs, and would risk alienating fans on the opposing side of the political divide.  Should their celebrity status preclude them from political activity?  I don’t think so.  They are voters too and should have the right to actively participate in the political process.

However, I think they should this on the basis of conviction and it should not just be about which side their bread is buttered.  If a celeb genuinely believes that Party A is good for Naija, there is nothing wrong with supporting that party.  I strongly doubt this is the case with flurry of celeb endorsements we have witnessed recently.


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