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Rochas, how low can you go?

Governor Rochas Okorocha continues to plumb new depths of poor governance in Imo State.

As if it were not enough to owe state employees and pensioners for months, while swanning around in a private jet bought with stolen funds, Okorocha has threatened to sack the workers who have gone on strike for his failure to pay their salaries.

He claimed that: “the strike was politically motivated and principally aimed at rubbishing the good reputation of his administration”. What good reputation does a government that can’t pay its staff have? The motor-mouth governor never explained this.

Plane madness: Okorocha has taken flight of his senses
Plane madness: Okorocha has taken flight of his senses

Okorocha added that: “I do not know of any other state whose workers went on strike as a result of unpaid salaries. Imo workers treated me unjustly by embarking on the current industrial action.” What about the unjustness of not paying people for their labour?

But it is always “me, me, me” with selfish Nigerian politricksters. This is why there is always money for Okorocha to join President Buhari on a meaningless and very expensive photo op trip to the US. There is always money to put up several embarrassing billboards all over Owerri, with photos of Okorocha meeting Barack Obama. It is why much of the state’s only tangible revenue, from the federal allocation, is embezzled or squandered in trying to re-elect the governor. There is never a shortage of money to pursue Okorocha’s personal interests. But never enough money to pay public sector workers.

Money for silly billboards in Owerri, but not for payment of salaries
Money for silly billboards in Owerri, but not for payment of salaries

Okorocha wondered why anyone would strike “because of just months of unpaid salaries”. This comes after he had suggested to state employees to go and find other businesses to engage in, rather than wait to get paid.

Whenever you think Okorocha can’t sink any further, he surprises you by reaching a new low, dragging a once-great state further down in the process.

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